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Necessary things to know about Tawaf ritual

The ultimate form of supplication to Allah Almighty is performing Tawaf of the Holy Kaabah. In fact, it remains one of the principal rites of the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages for the pilgrims arriving through Cheap Hajj Umrah Packages by Islamic Travel to offer Tawaf. 

What is tawaf?

Tawaf refers to the act of circumambulating/walking in circles around the Holy Kaabah for seven complete circuits. Tawaf must be performed by pilgrims in an anti-clockwise motion i.e., keeping the Holy Kaabah on the left-hand side. In addition, every round of Tawaf must start/end at the place of Hajar al-Aswad i.e., the ‘Black stone’.

It never stops.

One of the fascinating things to know about Tawaf is that it never stops! Circumambulation of the Holy Kaabah by pilgrims is a continuous act of worship, it keeps on going 24 hours a day and throughout the year. It does not even cease for a few mins except for the five obligatory daily prayers.

Requisites of Tawaf.

1. Purity.

For a person intending for Tawaf, it is necessary for him/her to be in a state of Wudhu and free from all sorts of major and minor physical impurities. One should also make sure that the clothing worn for Tawaf must be ritually pure and clean. If you do find impurities on your clothing while performing Tawaf, there’s no penalty.

If a pilgrim’s Wudhu is nullified during Tawaf performance, it’s permissible to repeat the ablution and resume Tawaf from the exact place where one had stopped, regardless of the length of the interval.

2. Performed inside Masjid al-Haram.

The Tawaf must only take place around Holy Kaabah and within the confines of Masjid al-Haram i.e., not outside of its boundary. Your Tawaf will still be valid if your view of the Holy Kaabah is impeded by pillars or walls, or even if it gets completely out of sight as a result of being on an elevated level or below ground level. 

Another thing to remember is that the Hijr-Ismail also remains an official part of the boundary of Holy Kaabah. So, when performing Tawaf, one should not pass through it. Otherwise, Tawaf would be invalid.

3. Covering the Awrah.

For the performance of Tawaf, one must ensure that Awrah is covered. For a man, Awrah refers to all the part of the body that lies between the navel and the knees while for a woman, it generally refers to the entire body with the only exception of the face and hands.

4. Ibtida and Raml.

Idtiba refers to the act of uncovering the right shoulder during Tawaf rituals, however, it is only permissible for men to do so. In addition, men must also perform Raml, it’s an act of walking quickly i.e., lifting the legs forcefully and sticking out the chest while moving the shoulders (as to imitate a warrior). It is a Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) to perform Raml but one should remember Raml does not mean running or jogging.

These are some of the necessary things to know about Tawaf ritual.

Location for Tawaf performance; Tips and Advice

 Tawaf must be undertaken by pilgrims inside of Masjid-al-Haram, present in Makkah city of Saudia Arabia. When observing Tawaf, one should be mindful of the fact that it should be performed outside the boundaries of Holy Kaabah and that includes Hateem as well. 

The area where Tawaf is performed is known as the ‘Mataf’ region. Considering the large number of people coming throughout the year for umrah's performance, the Mataf region was expanded in recent times. Now, the Mataf is divided into three categories for Tawaf performance by the pilgrims when you perform umrah with Islamic Travel best Hajj and Umrah Travel Agents.

1. Ground Level.

The ground level is the most crowded; no matter what season you’re travelling in, you’ll find a sea of pilgrims performing tawaf there. However, if you get to manage and perform tawaf on the very floor, it’s advised to begin the first circuit of Tawaf as far out as possible and then slowly moving towards the Holy Kaaba. Such that, completing circuits 2-6 in close proximity to the Kaaba, before you slowly move away from the inner circle on the last circuit of Tawaf.

2. Middle Level.

The middle level is far less crowded than the ground floor but more ground crowded than the roof level for Tawaf performance. Additionally, there are constructional pillars that you need to negotiate within the middle level.

3. Roof Level.

The roof level is quite spacious as well as has a smaller number of people present. Therefore, if you don’t get sufficient room on the ground or middle level; for families, children, elderly people, or persons with special needs, the roof level is the best place for Tawaf Performance. 

Tawaf Tips and Advice.

  • Have a patient and forgiving nature while performing Tawaf.
  • Possess consideration for others.
  • Talbiyah should not be recited during the performance of Tawaf.
  • For women, performing Tawaf with their husband or Mahram is not a requirement, though it’s advisable.
  • During Tawaf, walking in front of a person performing Salaah is permissible.
  • If a person feels tired during Tawaf, it’s permissible to take some rest; eat something, and drink some water. However, you must then resume your Tawaf from the exact position from where you had stopped.
  • If a congregational prayer starts, it's permissible to pause Tawaf there and offer the obligatory prayer. After that, you may resume your tawaf from the exact place where you had left off. 
  • Since a large number of pilgrims would be performing Tawaf there, pushing and shoving of the crowd will be a common thing.
  • Don’t indulge yourself in something that doesn’t concern you; let it be someone’s religious beliefs, personal habits, culture, or traditions. 
  • Be respectful of others.

So, when travelling with Cheap Umrah Packages to Makkah, these are some of the tips and pieces of advice for Tawaf and its area of observance to know about.

Vaccinations required for Hajj and Umrah travel

 Annually, hundreds of thousands of Muslim pilgrims travel from across the globe and arrive in the Makkah for the holy rituals through their cheap December umrah packages. There are two Islamic pilgrimages observed by pilgrims; Hajj and Umrah. Hajj is an annual pilgrimage observed between the 8th of Dhu-al-Hijjah to the 12th and it remains obligatory for every able Muslim. On the contrary, Umrah is merely a sunnah pilgrimage that is undertaken voluntarily by the pilgrims i.e., it’s not obligatory. Since both pilgrimages hold similar rewards for pilgrims, millions of pilgrims travel for it. 

Why vaccinations are necessary?

When such a huge crowd of pilgrims is present inside Haramain i.e., at the same place and at the same time; health and safety become a priority for everyone. For which the relevant Saudi Authorities have SOPs to follow as well as various guidelines are imposed on the pilgrims. Among them, getting necessary vaccinations before their arrival to the holy land remains a prominent one. 

Pilgrims should carry their proof of vaccination.

Pilgrims arriving in the holy region after receiving the required vaccination should also carry their proof i.e., vaccination certificates along. On the other hand, if a pilgrim somehow manages to arrive in the kingdom without being vaccinated, he/she will be vaccinated on-spot or the entry to the kingdom would be denied. 

Type of Vaccinations required.

Meningococcal Meningitis.

The pilgrims of Hajj and Umrah, regardless of their region of travel, necessarily need to have taken a vaccination against Meningococcal Meningitis. The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah remain particularly strict in this regard and possess the authority to even cancel your visa application if you do not have a vaccination for Meningococcal Meningitis.

Such a vaccination should neither be administered by the pilgrim more than 3 years ago nor given to the pilgrim less than 10 days (prior to travel). Therefore, everyone i.e., adults and children (over the age of 2) need to have received one dose of the ‘Quadrivalent Polysaccharide Vaccine’ before their departure to the kingdom.


For the pilgrims traveling from the polio epidemic regions/countries that have a re-established transmission, one dose of ‘oral polio vaccination’ is a necessity. Proof of the vaccination carried by a pilgrim must be at least of 6 weeks before. Despite this, such travelers would also be given an additional dose of oral polio vaccination upon their arrival in Saudi Arabia. 

Yellow Fever.

Vaccination against Yellow Fever is required from those pilgrims who are traveling from regions where it exists as a prominent disease. The vaccination should be administered within a minimum of 10 days before the pilgrim’s travel to the kingdom. 


The Ministry of Health of Saudia Arabia also suggests hajj/umrah pilgrims for getting a vaccination against seasonal influenza i.e., particularly for those who have a higher chance of catching such viral diseases. For example, children, pregnant women, people with allergies, or the ones suffering from choric disease as well.

These are some of the necessary vaccinations required for Hajj and Umrah travel. 

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Public Civil Liberties Concept and also Faith Islam

 Islam is the main and foremost religion which revealed human rights and established responsibilities of everyone. Islam has offered many rights and it has likewise integrated them right into 2 primary balls i.e. Public Rights Concept and also Legal Rights of Personal. Muslims come to know regarding the legal rights of individuals when they schedule packages for Umrah and also visit your home of Almighty Allah with all other people. In the beginning, we will discuss right here Public civil liberties and also civil rights.

These advantages are those freedoms, which include advantage to the neighborhood. In over-all and not simply a comprehensive group of people or on exact being. These are defined as benefits of Allah Almighty, feeling of the level of the threats thorny in their desecration and also of the whole welfares which would certainly implication from their tranquility.

There are also supplementary subclasses of public benefits which should be comprehended with appropriate regulations and company. Now we are misting likely to define them also. One sub kind connected with pure legal rights of Allah Almighty. In this type of public appropriate, those topics and materials are reviewed or allocated which are totally connected with Allah Almighty's authorities. Similarly, the success of Umrah as well as various other religious compulsions via inexpensive Umrah packages from London also drop in this category.

Public Legal Rights Concept as well as Islam

However the legal rights of Allah are major or prospers in this case. For the occasion, the right to reprimand disparagement that ascribes unchastely to a different individual due to the fact that it trespassed the right of both the public and a person.

Muslim Jurists intended some subsequent teams. Discussions of devoutness, credence of Iman as well as the significant and spiritual jobs like prayers, Zakat, Hajj, Abstaining, Umrah and also Zakat so on. The charge of flawless nature such as Had for theft, unfaithfulness etc. There are a great deal of Umrah packages then Book Ramadan Umrah Packages 2022 out there for Ramadan Umrah.

Reasonings of faulty nature such as resistant a man that has actually murdered another, of his righteousness of inheritance. Constituents which have essentials of both religiousness and also forfeit, such as repayments for the non-discharge of company tasks.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

A Beam of Light

 The incident that. I am mosting likely to go over today was a life-changing case for me as it entirely altered my life. I make use of to be an extremely modern individual who had all the practices. That a person has these days such as losing time in worthless tasks. As well as not using prayers five times a day. Backbiting of others, existing to others if required just so that. I might get all the advantages that I could get, as well as much more bad habits like these. However, now my life has been absolutely altered after carrying out Umrah. I searched for different Umrah plans provided by reliable travel bureau and I determined to execute Umrah in the month of Ramadan with cheapest ramadan umrah packages 2022. It was very helpful for me to perform Umrah in the spiritual month as it altered my life. 

In conclusion, there was not a solitary bad habit that I really did not have. The fascinating thing is that I was not also self-conscious concerning these bad habit that I utilized to possess. Never ever had I felt any type of guilt in my heart after devoting any kind of transgression. Never did I apologize to my Lord that is one of the most Merciful. And forgive his followers if the ask for grace. He forgives the sins of those individuals that see His Home with Hajj Umrah plans and also become His visitors. 

This event occurred to me last year. One of my uncles made use of to stay in Saudi Arabia and was severely ill. I was very near him given that my childhood as well as even more detailed to him than my Daddy. Since my uncle had no kids and also I was like a kid to him. When I heard that he is significantly ill, I obtain quite concerned and start feeling really nervous concerning it. 

I wanted to fulfill him but didn't how it was going to get possible. I was so busy in my day-to-day regular life tasks. Someday I was being in my friends' firm and was appreciating the gossips. I all of a sudden had a call from my uncle. His voice was shivering with a circulation of emotions. It was his last desire to satisfy me prior to death knocks at his door. The minute I heard his voice, I simply could not wait any longer. I booked the Affordable Non-Shifting Hajj Packages For Muslims in London, England. As well as made all the required preparations for my trip. 

When I went to Saudi Arabia to fulfill my uncle. He got on his bed and medical professionals stated that we couldn't save him any longer. I supplied them they I would provide as much as money. They desire however they need to conserve my uncle regardless. However on that certain day, I understood that money couldn't offer you that thing which Allah can. I decided to carry out Umrah. Not only did I did Umrah, yet likewise prayed for my uncle before the holy Kaaba. After supplying Umrah with Inexpensive Ramadan Umrah Packages from London, I was resting on a bench when I received a call which claimed that my uncle has recuperated. As well as this resembled a miracle also for the medical professionals. This entire case modifications my life entirely and also today. I am an absolutely different individual that always prays to Allah Almighty whenever there is any type of trouble. These days many people are searching umrah packages with low-priced umrah ticket. If you want to go for Umrah with least expensive plans. You can contact Baitullah Travel.